Hepatreat is your effective, modern and high-quality way for recovery from Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus is a small, 50-60 nm diameter virus.

Why are we afraid of such a small creature that is not visible to the naked eye? It’s not due to hepatitis C only, but also to its consequences, such as liver cancer or liver cirrhosis, and hepatic failure. The HCV virus can also be associated with B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. There is a link between hepatitis C and diabetes as well as other thyroid, ocular, bowel and cardiovascular diseases. And then we have not talked about how the virus can grow in brain cells and there is an average 2-3 times more depression in HCV patients than in non-HCV population.

Usually for a long time, often for years, most of the patients are asymptomatic. The majority of discoveries are random.

The number of infected people worldwide is between 145 and 200 million (according to different estimates). Only in Hungary this amount is between 70 and 100 thousand. Because of lack of symptoms and its vicious consequences, HCV was named "silent killer".
About Us

According to WHO data, on average, less than 3% of humans are infected with hepatitis C virus, which accounts for 145 to 200 million people worldwide. In Hungary, this number is around 100,000, so we can say it’s a good luck, as this means that the number of patients with Hepatitis C virus is lower than the world average.

Anyone who has ever had or has a history of hepatitis C knows that in this case you had a life before diagnosis and became another one after being diagnosed with is. The life will never be like before.

Our project was created to change this to change your life back quickly, to restore your health without delay, provide quality, up-to-date and effective help to anyone who wants to recover from Hepatitis C.

Our team is working a lot to provide you with high quality services and a treatment that is in line with the recommendations of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL). For your hepatitis C free life.

"MEDTURCONSULT" Ltd is organizing medical treatment abroad. "MEDTURCONSULT" Ltd is an official partner of Logical Management LP, a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our colleagues are glad to welcome you in our office in Nyiregyháza, where they provide personalized services and our clients sign contract here. The Certificate of Gratitude for effective cooperation in treatment of the Hepatitis C patients is available on the link below.
Asclepius Clinic

The Asclepius Clinic - Management and Diagnostic Center, is operating working since 1995 and is one of the first private health institutions in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Founder of the company Prof. Dr. Andrásko György (Prof. Yuriy Andrashko MD, PhD., DrSc) a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, board member of European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology. Our work areas: dermatology, treatment of infectious diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, functional diagnostics, During the period of more than 20 years, tens of thousands of patients took advantage of our services. Many of these patients are EU citizens. For providing effective communication and treatment, most of our personnel speak English/Hungarian.
Dr. Cápec Gabriella, PhD

Last but not least, let me introduce myself - dr. Gabriella Cápec, PhD is the manager of the Hepatreat project. A doctor, a happy mother of three children, a wife, a university lecturer, and a ex-HCV patient. I understand what is going on with HCV patients because I was in the process myself. When I say I understand, not only empathy is talking about me, but personal experience. Let me help you to experience how to rebirth. Hepatitis C is no longer a final verdict today.

The process of treatment


We carefully examine each of our patients' preliminary laboratory findings (they can be emailed, mailed or brought in person to our office - as convenient for you), we usually consult several physicians to study them and make a personal conclusion. When we get your preliminary laboratory findings, we'll give you a conclusion from our doctors within 1-2 days –and it’s FREE for you!

The contract is signed in our office. It is recommended that contracts and insurance are arranged at least 7-10 days before the first trip.
First visit to Ungvár (Uzhgorod)

We will meet you at the airport, train station, or on the border crossing. We provide permanent contact with the company representative, interpreter. We transfer to the clinic and arrange conclusion of contracts with the clinic. We perform full examination in accordance with the requirements of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL): consultation of an infectious disease specialist, internal diseases doctor, gynecologist, cardiologist, abdominal ultrasound and fibroscan examination, blood sampling, ECG. After that the final diagnosis is established and we create a timetable for the treatment process, providing a one-month-long treatment package and starting the treatment. The visit lasts for 2-3 days.
Next visits to Ungvár (Uzhgorod)

Next visits to Uzhgorod for 1-2 days every 28 days. We will meet you and provide similar services as during the first visit: consultation of infectious disease specialist and, if necessary, consultation of other doctors; blood sampling. Confirmation or correction of the treatment process schedule. Provide a sufficient package of medicines for treatment in next month.

Depending on the patient, the duration of treatment is 3-6 months.
* Depending on the service, the treatment costs between 1,000 and 30,000 euros.
Frequently Asked Questions


Why Ukraine?

Because doctors participating in our project have considerable experience in modern and effective hepatitis C treatment. This treatment is in line with the European treatment protocol (according to EASL).
Because the treatment is on the area with deep European history (in Uzhgorod), where our doctors speak Hungarian, Slovak, and English, so all our patients can feel almost at home. Because it's easy to travel to us, as we are close to the EU borders and citizens of most of European countries do not need visa to come here.
Because we handle all patients quickly and securely for medical secrecy. Finally yet importantly, because you can have 3-mothes VIP services at the comfortable price (several times less in comparison with Israel, Germany, France or the United States). /div>


Can anybody get information about my treatment in Ukraine?

We guarantee the confidentiality of the data and the complete confidentiality that binds all of our colleagues, including the company responsible for organizing the treatment, and the clinic that manages it. Within the motherland, you decide whom you inform about your treatment and results of laboratory investigations and consultations.


Where will my medical history and documentation be kept?

You will receive your medical history, all related documents, test results, and laboratory findings, and copies will remain in the clinics.


What is the guarantee for my healing?

In our project, doctors follow the modern recommendations of the the European Association for the Study of the Liver with up-to-date methods of treatment of the hepatitis C providing more than 90% efficiency.


Which country's nationals are coming to Ukraine for treatment?

Medical treatment is provided to patients from different parts of the world from Ukraine, such as EU nationals, US, Asian and Persian Gulf countries, etc.


Who can access my personal information?

In accordance with the terms of full confidentiality, only a few of our employees have access to your personal information who translate the information to the doctors and directly to the personnel of the clinic. All of our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company, so they act within the framework of complete data protection. Those in the clinic are bound by medical secrecy.


Who will accompany you in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, our staff will accompany you and provide full support in all of the questions related to the treatment and to all of the issues of your stay in Ukraine. Our staff and interpreter will help you to make all the process of your stay smooth and to provide you the highest-level medical services. Of course, all of our companions are subject to our privacy (confidentiality) agreement.


Safe in Ukraine?

The clinic that handles it is located in the western part of Ukraine, in Uzhgorod, which was part of Hungary for almost 100 years and now is only 20 km from the present border of Hungary. This region is completely safe for your stay here, having long-lasting traditions of European hospitality and accommodating thousands of European tourists each month. The nearest European airports are Debrecen (app.150 km) and Košice (app.100 km).


What is the quality of treatment in Ukraine?

Investigations and treatments are performed at European level at our clinic and laboratory, according to European level rigorous requirements and standards. All diagnostic tests and treatment of hepatitis C are performed according to the recommendations of the European Liver Research Association (EASL). Our specialists have a lot of experience and comply with all the protocols and specifications. The laboratory that conducts the examinations uses only European manufacturing reagents and is working on state-of-the-art modern equipment.


How many foreign citizens come to Ukraine for treatment each year?

About 60-80 thousand foreigners arrive in Ukraine each year, choosing it for affordable high-level health services. Wellness and SPA centers, dental and ophthalmic clinics, gynecological and infertility clinics, cosmetic surgery, nerve and cardiac surgery clinics provide excellent services to their clients. Ukraine has dozens of private institutions helping to restore health with the help of competent staff at affordable prices.

Our Team

dr. Cápec Gabriella, PhD
Project Manager
Tel.: +3670 23 94 971
Email: drcapecgabriella@hepacmentes.com
Zelenyák István
Office Manager
Tel.: +3630 97 38 666
Email: zelenyakistvan@hepacmentes.com
Feczkó Miklós
Regional Representative
Tel.: +3670 36 76 781
Email: feczkomiklos@hepacmentes.com
Szerletics Miklós
Regional Representative
Tel.: +3620 514 85 41
Email: szerleticsmiklos@hepacmentes.com

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